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   Golden Retrievers became a part of my life about 20 years ago.  Once I got my first golden, I was hooked!  The love and joy each of my dogs has brought into my life is incredible.  Although I've dabbled in obedience and agility, conformation is my primary hobby with my dogs.
I have 2 wonderful boys,  'Hunter'  and 'Cash' , who are father and son. Hunter has produced some very structurally sound, beautiful puppies.  I am enjoying watching his kids grow up and being able to show them in the conformation ring.  Check out our 'News' page for some highlights! 
I venture out in the ring and do some showing myself as well as being a 'ringside observer'.  I have met many people while participating in the dog show world and have developed some strong friendships along the way --- I wouldn't have missed all the joyous and, well, not so joyous moments for anything!
I am a member in good standing with the Golden Retriever Club of America. The dogs involved in our breeding program have all clearances as required by the Golden Retriever Club of America - heart, eyes, elbows and hips.  We are selective with whom we breed in order to maintain a high quality of health and temperament in our breed.  Quality is the primary goal in the puppies we produce.


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